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About Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery is based in the UK with it’s head office located in Bristol. The company specializes in bespoke collections both in the UK and on a global basis. We tend not to mess about with dozens of letters being sent out to debtors on the off chance they might decide to pay you what is owed. What we do is evaluate if the debtor has the means with which to settle the outstanding amount. On many occasions this will mean researching the company or individual, taking credit reports, County Court Trust enquires and land registry searches. After all often it is pointless to waste further time and money if you don’t have any realistic chance of getting your money back. On the whole it is not worth while passing individual debts under ¬£100 to a collection agency, however at Debt Recovery every type and size of debt is considered. From multiple debts to individual debts it is always worth contacting us to see how be can possibly advise you of your options. We are a No Win No Fee collections company and as a rule start every collection with a letter or e-mail directly to the debtor. This really is to see what if any sort of response we may receive. This may well bring payment and this service is completely No Win No Fee, commission only. No up front fees. However if this proves unsuccessful then we will revert to you with the options open to you depending on the circumstances as to the debt and how old it is and how it came about. Is it disputed or simply the company or individual has decided not to pay? In our line of work, we see it all, so don’t ever embarrassed about contacting us as the chances are we have a similar case to yours being worked on this very moment. ¬†

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