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Debt Recovery – Indian Restaurant

Often debt recovery can be exhausting. We recently were instructed to recover in excess of ¬£6,000 from an Indian restaurant based in Highworth, Swindon. The well known eatery has clearly seen better days and now is struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately the original owner went bankrupt but kept the restaurant going along with a second based in Shrivenham, Wiltshire….read more →

Debt Recovery in the Cotswolds

Debt Recovery in the Cotswolds Another successful collection for our Debt Recovery team. Scaffolding company based in Stow on the Wold, the centre of the Cotswolds had been asked to erect scaffolding locally by a northern based “smart energy” company. Lessons to be learnt here. On paper or should I say on the internet search everything looked spot on. In…read more →

New Recruit

New Recruit

Thought this should get a mention, our new recruit William has after just a week as a collector for Bristol Debt Recovery made his first collection yesterday. Congratulations to you Will…!!!

Debtor bought to book…..

Today we finally tracked down a debtor who we have been following for over two years. Up until now we have always been a little bit behind him but as so often happens. A mention in the press, showed his hand and it enabled us to serve the documentation required to bring him to book. We have searched for this…read more →

Property Rental Debt

Property rental debt is one of the fastest growing areas of bad debt. We have a number of cases on our books and through determination are succeeding in the recovery of monies owed to Landlords. This is not easy debt as the very nature of the debtors situation means they have limited cash and assets. Case Study: Recently we were…read more →

Further Collections

Mid January and business as usual in 2014. A busy last week with a mix of collections on a global basis. A large debt recovered from Dubai and a number of collections made in the UK. Here at Debt Recovery we offer very much a bespoke service, as every debt is different and often requires specialist collectors to broker a…read more →

Already Paid

It’s amazing how many times we approach a debtor only to find them telling us the invoice has already been paid. Only last week we had a very irate women on the telephone telling us that she had not received any of our client’s five reminders or any of our two requests for payment. However with the threat of a…read more →

Debtor in Oxfordshire…….

Technology works for us and against us. We are able to hide sometimes but then with the aid of the internet we can see all that a debtor and his partners and associates do. It would seem all phone numbers, e-mail address’s, business activities, domain names are fair game. In our business we trawl the net for information that debtors…read more →

Creditors –

Can you believe how ill informed creditors can be. Although a County Court Judgement was gained by a creditor last week and the debtor given 14 days to pay. The creditor believed that the debtor would just roll over and pay the County Court Judgement – Hello, wake up! Was the research done by the recovery company and Solicitors prior…read more →

Rip Off – Solicitors

On occasions we come across Solicitors that quite clearly rip their clients off. In this particular case, we know of a well known firm based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire that charged in excess of ¬£3000.00 when they hadn’t got a hope in hell of recovering the money from the debtor. 1.Did they actually look into the debtors ability to pay the…read more →