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International Debt Collection

Collections from Dubai

Early January and we can report a satisfactory collection from a debtor in Dubai. Once again, congratulations to the Middle Eastern Recovery team. We have been working on this recovery for several months. In this particular case we noticed that the input from the team based in the UAE really counted. The fact that all communication was in Arabic really…read more →

Reporting from Geneva

Our International office can report another major recovery success. The process took in excess of six months but finally we can report collection from a South African based company. These types of collections are never easy and take time working with both the creditor and the debtor. In this particular case, the client lost faith in the debtor however we…read more →

International Debt Service

International Debt Service

International debt services are companies offering debt collection services to creditors for debts recoverable outside their country of origin, the companies dealing with them very often offering a ‘No win, no fee’ with no upfront payments being asked for. Mostly, they deal with both commercial debt collection and consumer debt recovery, not only in Europe, but across the whole world…read more →

Egypt Recovery

After nine months of collection activity we can at last report iminent success from Egypt. Debt Recovery in the Middle East is never easy, however with a dogged approach results come. This collection has come in two parts and we are delighted with the result. Full recovery totalling in excess of £35,000.00 for our client.

Kuwait Collection

Another successful collection was acheived this week, returning our client the full outstanding balance of $42,000. The collection took from mid January 2013 until April 2nd. Legal action was avoided but the threat was always a possibility. The threat got the invoices paid.

Pakistan Debt Collection

We are delighted to confirm collection of in excess of $35,000 from a debtor here in the UK for a major company located in Pakistan. The collection has taken since August 2012, however the final payment from the debtor has now been received.

International Collections

We can confirm that our endeavours to recover in excess of 240,000 euros from a Ductch debtor are on schedule and good progess is being made. If they fail to pay or come to a satisfactory arrangement, assets will be seized. It would seem although progress has been slow on the collection and recovery from Germany of 500,000 euros for…read more →

International Collections

International Collections

Our International division continues to grow from strength to strength with a number of substantial collections continuing around the world. At the present time we are recovering monies from, China, Italy, Kuwait, Egypt, Dubai, France, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Southern Ireland and Germany. In some cases the debts owed are in excess of 500,000 euros. Demand for our bespoke service continues…read more →