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Debt Recovery in the Cotswolds

Debt Recovery in the Cotswolds

Another successful collection for our Debt Recovery team. Scaffolding company based in Stow on the Wold, the centre of the Cotswolds had been asked to erect scaffolding locally by a northern based “smart energy” company. Lessons to be learnt here. On paper or should I say on the internet search everything looked spot on. In reality this energy company gave the impression that they were a company you would want to do business with.

Unfortunately as so often happens, they told a good story. What you are not told is they don’t pay their suppliers. Perhaps unfair as they do when they are shouted at. You can never get to speak with their MD and are continually fobbed off by the other Director.

Eventually after a number of emails, any number of phone calls and the constant threat of either a County Court Summons or Statutory Demand payment was made.

It took a series of events for the matter to be concluded and considerable research to learn that this was not a company that you would want to do business with. Suppliers were popping up all over the place with similar stories of non-payment.

It can only be said, we clearly shouted loudest and recovered the outstanding invoices in full.

If you find yourself in a similar predicament, call us – we don’t win every time but we can go through your options and potentially put a plan of action in place.


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