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Debt Recovery – Indian Restaurant

Often debt recovery can be exhausting. We recently were instructed to recover in excess of £6,000 from an Indian restaurant based in Highworth, Swindon. The well known eatery has clearly seen better days and now is struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately the original owner went bankrupt but kept the restaurant going along with a second based in Shrivenham, Wiltshire. Sadly the owner died and left the running of his business to his family, primarily his wife and son……You guessed it, they have failed dismally. What they have done is set up a series of limited liability companies, gain credit from suppliers and then dissolve the company and start again. Not only do they avoid paying HMRC but also their creditors catch a cold and are left with having to litigate against a worthless company.

Fortunately our client struck a deal with the family as he had traded with them for in excess of 20 years. We are taking the family through the County Count Court system. The exhausting part of this collection is the attitude of the debtor. They promised payment, payment plans are agreed. No payments have been forthcoming. The debtor claims payments have been made, they lie, they cheat, they fail to provide bank conformation of credits made………….It is so disappointing.

The claim now being processed by the County Court is in excess of £7,000. Covering costs and late payment interest. Our client has expressed……….The debtor has been given every chance to deal with this. Now I want you to bankrupt them.


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