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FAQ’s about Debt Recovery

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Welcome to our FAQ’s about Debt Recovery page where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
  • Is the age of the debt a problem?

    Your debt must be less than six years old.

  • Do you have a Data Protection License?

    Our details are with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Our registration number is Z2267559

  • Does Debt Recovery have a Credit Consumer License?

    For collection of commercial debt no license is required. For consumer debt please visit, who are licensed to assist you with consumer collections.
  • Is it possible to add interest to the debt?

    In the UK, it is possible to add late payment interest. At statutory interest rate of 8% above base rate.
  • How can I contact you?

    You can contact us via our online contact form or using the following telephone number: +44 (0)843 289 5526
  • Legal fees, who pays them?

    If possible the debtor will pay the legal fees, however legal fees as a rule are funded by you the claimant and re-claimed.
  • How much will it cost for our Debt Recovery?

    Commissions start for a UK business to business debt at 8% of any monies recovered. International debt recovery commissions start from 12% commission rising to 20% depending on the debtors location.
  • Do we charge up front administration fees?

    At Debt Recovery unlike a number of other debt recovery companies, we do NOT carge upfront fees.