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Debt Recovery In The Middle East

Debt Recovery in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is not easy for recovery of your monies. A number of debt recovery companies will tell you differently. However it is not easy collecting debt from the Middle East. In your favour are the laws that frown on debt and enable debt recovery companies to enforce the collection systems put in place to stop the ‘slow or non-payers’.

We work closely with our Agents based in the UAE. ¬†If your debt requires court intervention don’t be concerned. The courts operate a paper system which means there is no attendance from Lawyers, Claimants or Defendants. The court rules on it’s findings and you accept the ruling. ¬†If you find yourself in a situation where a company in the Middle East owes you money, deal with it now. Stagnating will only lead to delays and difficulties in the collection process.
Insolvency matters are often complex, challenging  and lengthy there is a fast track system but it is expensive.

Forensic Collections deals with debts that range from ‘Dating Site’ scams, ‘Commercial Debts’ and individuals that have simply ripped someone off.

Like most debt recovery matters there are no guarantees but we have a network and relationship with the legal system that constantly brings the results you are looking for.

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