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Debt Recovery Italy

Debt Recovery Italy

‘No Win No Fee’ – No up front fees – local office in Italy to deal with your debt.

In these economic times, the world recession. Italy is suffering more than most. Debt Recovery is busier in Italy collecting debt more than any other country. On the whole our success rate is high although most debtors need the gentle nudge of the legal system in order for us to secure payment for our client’s.
Our offices are located in northern Italy just outside the industrial city of Turin. We are able to call on the services of local Solicitors who assist in the collection of our clients money. These facilities allow us to communicate with your debtors in their language, something we find a must in being able to successfully collect your debt. Our commission rate is 12% of any monies recovered plus legal fees that is if litigation is required to secure payment for you. No legal action would ever be taken without your authorization.

If you find yourself with non-paying Italian debtors call Debt Recovery and find out how we as a third party can collect your debt. Alternatively visit and contact our Italian colleagues directly.

Calling from the UK:0800 009 6090