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Online Debt Collection

In many cases, there will be reasons why you need an on line debt collection and recovery service. In the majority of cases this is a volume of debt issue or you simply require a service whereby you can monitor the collection companies activities.

At we offer a number of services from bespoke collections, perhaps only one debt to on-line systems capable of dealing with multiple debts.

The on-line facilities are able to cope with any amount of debt in an automated system designed to make the collection as easy for you the client to monitor and as easy for us to administer.

You are able to download debts onto our system via CSV file capabilities, log in with username and password and monitor the collection activity. Delete the satisfactory collections, confirm legal activity. The system offers you an advanced Credit Control tool. If this sounds of interest to you, call now for an informal chat. Tel: 0843 289 5526 or e-mail:


Bad Debt Recovery

Bad Debt RecoveryYou have a number of options when dealing with a bad debt. You can walk away and forget it, you can employ a firm of Solicitors or you can employ a Debt Recovery Agency such us this one.

Firstly we would not recommend walking away, however small the debt might be.

The Solicitor route is an option but beware of the costs involved. A Solicitor charges by the clock NOT by results, on the whole it matters not a jot if they win or loose. The guarantee is you will get a larger bill than you expected.

Using this Debt Recovery company will ensure two things. If the debt is collectable, we will collect it and secondly you will be made aware of any costs every step of the collection. At the start of the collection process, you agree to a given commission percentage and that depends in what part of the world the debtor is located. We do not charge up front fees and simply work on your behalf on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis plus any legal costs should the matter end up going through the court process. All legal fees are discussed with the client before taking that step. No action is ever taken without your authorization.

Debt Recovery

Debt RecoveryDebt Recovery is not easy and seldom takes the path we would like it to. However at we tailor make solutions to suit your needs. One of the most important things to remember. Debts dealt with as soon as they occur make the collection from slow or non-payers much easier. First creditor in the door has every chance of recovering all the outstanding monies. If you are tenth in line due to slow decision making will ultimately result in total loss. The debtor will have lost the will to attempt to save the sinking ship. So to conclude, if you want your money recovered act NOW. Call us for an informal chat. Tel: 0843 289 5526 e-mail: